Driving school 3, (Ö3) can not take place until the driving student has completed, at least,  driving school 1 (Ö1) and 10 practical driving lessons with a driving instructor. 

Those who have not finished Ö1 and at least 10 driving hours will not be able to enter the course.

The driving instruction book is now electronic.

If you already have licence to drive, please have the drivers license with you.

  • Driving school 3 ( Ö3 ) v/Hlíðarjallsveg 13, driving area Bílaklúbbur Akureyrar.
  • To register Ö3 choose time and day and click "Skráning". 
  • You pay with card and you have 20 minutes to do that when you register. if there is no payment there is no registration.
  • Registration fee is kr. 51.000.-
  • To contact us: okugerdi@okugerdi.is or 859 5800
  • If for some reason we have to postpone a course we will contact you.

About the course:

  • Ökugerðið Akureyri ehf holds courses in driving school 3 (Ö3).  It is both theoretical and practical study. In the theoretical part we go over what we can do to  prevent car crashes, talk about safety and how to use safety equipment in cars, to name a few. The practical part is driving in various difficult situations, feel the difference when emergency brake (hard brake) on asphalt or on ice tracks, slalom driving and more. We also have rolling car and seat belt sled. The cars we use are automatic. 
  • If there is no course in english on registation site pleace send us an e-mail okugerdi@okugerdi.is and we will contact you. We need 3-4 students for each course. The course is a single course and takes about 3,5 hours.